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Meet the Farm


Our Farm

Who we are:

        We're your friendly local homesteaders! Elijah is a builder and a home inspector, and Abbi is an artist and aspiring soil nerd. Little Cecelia Joon is our feral four year old who maintains a big love for animals and an even bigger imagination. When the three of us dream up ideas, we try our best to bring them to life, so in 2019, we got to work and built Jubilee Farm Studio.


What we're passionate about:

      Our biggest passion in life is to help save the planet by focusing on the dirt in our own backyard. Of course we are not perfect, nor do we pretend to be, but we figured we had to start somewhere. We are constantly learning by trial and error and evolving our farming style. 

     Jubilee is a regenerative farm, which means we utilize farming practices that focus on rebuilding soil organic matter, restoring soil biodiversity, and overall improving the land health. We practice no-till gardening, which protects important species (like mycorrhizal fungi that play a role in removing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and storing carbon back in the soil). We say no to pesticides, we never spray weeds, and we make all of our own compost in-house. Here, we welcome many species of native insects, plants and of course, our own farm animals- all of which play a vital role in the ecosystem and biodiversity of our little farm.

Everything here has a purpose- even the predators.

Our ultimate goal: Work with the ecosystem, not against it. 


What our animals do:

      As our animals graze and scratch the land, they help aerate the topsoil, and their manure leaves behind a brilliant microbiome as new topsoil forms. That new soil becomes home to moles and earthworms, and they in turn make space for oxygen below the surface that allows for the respiration of plant roots and soil organisms. 

The manure that doesn't stay in our pastures gets collected and composted, and eventually becomes the nutrient backbone of our gardens. That compost is absolutely full of everything that our fruits and veggies thrive on- it's how our animals play a vital role in the nutrition of our produce.

And they're pretty darn cute.


So what's this have to do with art?

      We don't just care about our soil health- we care about the people in our community, too. We want to feed people healthy food, get them excited about growing it in new ways that can help restore the soil, even if it means starting by planting a tiny tomato seedling in their lawn or buying eggs from a neighbor. Then, we celebrate all this life in a creative space- the farm studio!

     Creativity improves mental health by reducing stress levels, along with depression and anxiety. It also elevates mood, drives our sense of purpose and brings people together. This is where Abbi's love for art comes into play: Jubilee was designed as a space where people of any age can gather, laugh, play, and explore art mediums. Here, we build friendships, bond with animals, get in touch with the land and express ourselves through art.


     The three of us believe that nature inspires our inner creative spirits, and we welcome you to come share in Jubilee's magic with us.

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